The orchard in city dwellers´ hands

  • Zurtek has created a wooden structure adaptable to any place
  • This wooden structure allows us to grow vegetables and other plants in terraces, balconies or even in a roof.
  • In 2010 the crisis forced the company to change its output
  • This structure is designed to occupy a maximum of one square meter ground.

Patxi Arostegi | Bilbao

The arrival of organic farming can bring a breath of fresh air for city ​​dwellers that must face the inconveniences of daily urban traffic noise,
smoke from factories and other disadvantages associated with everyday life in the big city.

More and more city dwellers decide to grow their own vegetables and plants in their terraces and balconies, gardens converted in real orchards. The Basque company Zurtek has developed two models of shelves that allow urban gardening enthusiasts to create their own gardens in places such as terraces, balconies or roofs.


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