The restoration of Almazan Square

Second phase of Almazan Square Restoration (Soria)

The second phase of Almazan Square restoration has started.

The project, whose architect is José María Churtichaga, has some spectacular overhangs twelve feet above Duero river made ​​in Kerto.

It will be a new layout for the adnamantina main square, emerged centuries ago around San Miguel church and over time it gained space for public enjoyment. The council aims to recover this public space for coexistence. With this restoration, according the mayor Ángel Núñez, the square is intended to have several utilities, overcoming the current limitations.

The company from Madrid AyR Architecture and Resources Ltd., winner of the competition held by the adnamantina corporation, is responsible for renewing the project proposed by Martinez de Pison in 1957, ordering the enclosure of the square with a central fountain in front of the City Hall, with rectangular pond with the pavement drawing a plateau around the fountain and the shorter sides curved. The current project includes the square as the union of two very different spaces that come together in this urban environment, the orthodox, traditional and rectangular square and the medieval and more dislocated one. In this proposal, the union of both squares with a continuous pavement with different nuances is projected. The two huge cantilevers over Duero river want to link the square with the landscape and have been manufactured in ZURTEK, Dima (Vizcaya), with microlaminated boards KERTO by FINNFOREST, the only structural product made ​​of wood that allows to build a structure as slender and extreme as this.

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