The company


Facilities in Dima, Bizkaia, Spain

Zurtek Engineering and Construction in Wood was born at the end of the 90s within the group Peñascal Foundation
in order to provide services in engineering, design, manufacture and assembly of wooden structures.

Our phylosophy about continous improvement and better customer care has led us to offer other products such as
closing elements like friezes and pallets. Likewise, we are specialized in structures of friezes for producers of sandwich pannels,
essambled pallets pannels and structural and freestanding pannels.

We have a qualified professional team very involved in Zurtek Engineering and Construction in Wood project and our aim
is the customer´s satisfaction by providing products, good quality services, reliability and security , also we have facilities of 10.000 m2.

Nowadays, we have very strict quality controls to develop all our processes standarized across UNE EN-ISO 9001 2000. Also, we are involved in
enviromental care and PEFC international certification through what our commitment is to work with materials coming from sustainable managed forests.