Why wood?

Qualities of wood as a building material:


The availability of wood is insured in long and medium term.

Ecological Product

The manufacturing process of wood requires few quantity of energy compared to steel or concrete

It is a renewable material that, when it grows, is able to absorbe the main gas that causes the greenhouse effect: carbon dioxide

Forests fix the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the young ones set the most. It is therefore necessary to make
a use of forests that have already reached optimal growth, promoting regeneration.

Mechanical Qualities

Wood is the lightest material in relationship to its mechanical resistance. This allows us to create durable
and light structures.


The Technical Building Code of 2006 first recognised wood as a material for building, up to the same standards
as steel and concrete.


We get all the guarantees of durability by chossing the right material accorging to its use, following a drying
process, a controlled manufacture and modern treatments against fungus and insects. We take care of every single detail.

Reaction on fire

Contrary to public opinion, wood is an excellent material against fire. Fires usually do not start due to a wooden structure
because wood does not collapse as other modern materials. Wood continues working in the mechanical way
till fire is widespread and this makes a sooner evacuation possible.

Construcción de entramado ligero en madera

Garage in wood



Wood is a natural, warm and healthy material. It is also pleasant
to the touch and sight. Wood also creates confortable atmospheres.